Monday, June 15, 2009

Reconsidering how to use this. Because it's not getting much use these days.

In the meantime, in Vancouver until late August.
Technically in Coquitlam.
Huge points if you come visit me in the Tri-Cities. Like, +117.

Friday, January 23, 2009

gotta get in before the six month mark!

i've realised i've been doing more 'journaling' through photography and flickr than writing lately. i also have things i want to write about, but to be perfectly frank, now more than ever i'd be a little concerned of those thoughts being found through a random web search and misinterpreted because the words wouldn't have the contextualisation of knowing me. because of course a lot of what i'm thinking about, especially with a partner visa and the start of immigration in place, is fitting my experiences of australia, australians, and the like into some sort of sensible category, to let it settle in my mind comfortably. and of course it's bringing up issues too, about being me, being canadian, being north american, and being a world citizen. and the fact that i don't have all the folks i could normally debate and deliberate with at arms' length (the folks that you can say things to that could be taken poorly, or the folks that you can make assertions to that you immediately retract because as soon as it was spoken you realised it was all wrong) means that there's a lot more going on my head these days and not a lot of it is sorted yet.

it's very confusing, i can assure you of that much.

that said, i will start trying to write more in the next little while. it may not be here. but i will.

in the meantime, head over to my flickr page for more of a sort of journal-ing experience. at least you can see what i've been up to!