Sunday, September 07, 2008

for the next while (read, as i remember/have time to) i'm posting my dreams up here. because i've been having a lot of them lately, and most of them are weird/awesome/ridiculously detailed. my sister once admitted to me that she read my secret dream-journal that i kept under my bed. she apologised, but went on to say that she never had dreams like that and that they're fascinating. i just figured everyone's were like that. course, when it comes to writing them, it's not like they're going to make much sense. or be well-written. they may not even be linear. but that's the joy of dreams.

i still haven't decided whether to be pissed off at her for reading through my journals or not.

so. two now, because i forget the ones from a few days before, save the nightmares -- snippets:
- bec's alex filling me up with petrol (gas) through a little spigot in my hip (it felt gross)
- white angles upon angles upon angles coming at me obsessively

evening in vancouver (though no part of vancouver i've ever seen before), watching a bunch of folks (almost all 9-year-old kids, roughly speaking, save damon and ray) who are playing bike polo on a tennis court, minus the polo mallets and minus the bicycles, and with a soccer ball instead of a polo ball. but it's still polo! and damon and ray are kinda taking over the game without realising it, bodychecking the kids and such. but pat's cheering them on from behind me (wearing hot pink and a cap -- she wears it well).

ivana and ian (strangely still together) are at an apartment nearby, so i go over and visit for awhile. but it's kinda tense. talk with ian about the Remakers, these creatures, for lack of a better term, that take on the shape/body of whatever they come in contact with. one shows up, in a piece of sandpaper, and tries to become human-shaped, but falls out of it pretty quickly (moving like the water-creature from the abyss, taking up a shape and melting out of it smoothly). moves over to black construction paper (the sandpaper's placed on it) but same thing. so it's placed onto a baby in a pram, and the baby becomes the Remaker. or the Remaker becomes the baby. not entirely sure which way it goes. it seems relatively normal, but ian and i are talking about how sometimes it'll leave its host the way it found it, and other times it sort of devours it and you're pretty much lost once it take you. i'm not entirely sure why they're around, or what they're trying to do. it's not a scary prospect, but it's an unpleasant thought.

i leave and head back. noah's around taking photos (of course). but while he's taking pictures beside me, i suddenly notice he gets taken on by a Remaker. sort of stuns quiet and then noah's obviously gone, just his shape's there beside me. and it turns and tells me that they need to use my body, there's just no other way. i'm none too keen on the idea, but sort of sigh and realise it's true, and the last thing i remember is its hot breath coming down towards my neck or shoulders, some slurpy sounds, feeling a drip or two of saliva...and then i wake up. not in terror. vague ickiness. but i wouldn't call it a nightmare.

julie and will have had a baby. that's the last thought of will. came over to meet the baby, turns out it's super intelligent and already talking and we hit it off. most people don't realise baby's intelligent though, so it's sort of my little secret. i tuck the baby back under the couch like the blue one currently in our living room, and head off to go to a cafe of a sort for a hot chocolate. by the time i get back, it's been 3 years or so and now i'm at a tall building, a headquarters of some sort of governing agency. julie's died, which is just known. baby's still a baby, but it rules this kingdom, whatever it is. and what most people don't realise is that i'm pretty much second-in-command, and make all of baby's decrees happen in reality. and i get the sense that if this was more developed, there'd be some cross-time-dimensional love affair going on or something.

as i'm standing at the elevator waiting for it to arrive (nice white walls, good and pristine, lots of buttons around) someone who may or may not be alec baldwin shows up. he knows i've got access to push those buttons and change the notices of who's in power (because apparently it's dependent on some big sign up in the sky somewhere) and though i try to fight it, he coerces me into doing it, and forces me into the elevator when it arrives, holding me captive.

i'm still pretty serene through all of this though, even when a few of his cronies show up off another floor. but suddenly, in this bright, all-white-and-chrome elevator, this super-tall, slender, bald black guy shows up. there's a sort of "poof" to his appearance, though it's not like a smoky entrance or anything, he's just there, and as he appears it's like a white horizontal curtain zips out across the elevator, putting a barrier between evil alec baldwin and his buddies and us two. we duck into a hole on the side of the elevator as the curtain disappears and keep quiet.

alec baldwin et al look around but can't find us. there's a couple kids that they have with them that also look around, and look into the hole past the few curtains that hide us from them, and one little girl reaches in and knows we're in there. but she tells them all there's nothing there and they all exit the elevator.

once they're gone i change back the notices of who's in charge, and that's when i wake up.