Tuesday, April 08, 2008

man, gardening sucks!
or not. but it's a lot harder than it seemed planting seeds in moist paper towels back in grade 1.

finally found a yoga studio that i think makes me happy, thanks to d. damn difficult to find a studio that had reasonable drop-in rates (if any drop-ins at all) that seemed laid back enough. and this one's got yummy 2-hour sessions.

today, for the first time, i think i'm actually feeling like exploring. more so than i was last week. maybe jet lag really is that much worse going the full distance (and crossing seasons) and even if you're not just tired, it still throws you. so i'll go steal wireless from the library to upload more taipei pics, and then i'll just wind up somewhere today.

also, it's finally back to summery weather, no more of this cloudy and cold crap. huzzah!

yes, my mind's scattered today. ::shrugs::

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