Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i be in melbourne!

and the jet lag really isn't all that bad. i mean, it's there a little, but it's really quite bearable. i don't know if it's the fact that we flew "all night" and then woke up in taipei, spent a day, and then flew "all night" again and landed in sydney 9 hours later around 9am, so it's almost sorta realistic, or if it's the homeopathic "JET LAG" stuff damon found. either way, i'm crashing a little earlier and waking up at 7, but i'm actually quite alright with that pattern.

taipei was awesomely friendly and charming. very very wet. but like tropical rains (which meant torrential at times, but not always) so it was actually pretty warm and pleasant. just wet. made us appreciate finding the 101 mall all the more. went to the top of the tallest building. much like nyc, i was surprised how not-large it felt. but when we were on the plane taking off and the infoscreen on the plane said we'd reached 508m (the height of the 101 building), that was still actually pretty high up. i think i just have these ideas of the jetsons world, with everything so so very high up it's punctured the atmosphere. but we're not really there yet. not quite.

yesterday was beautifully sunny and warm (but it gets cool in the evenings), but woke up today and it's all cloudy. forecast is for storms. s'windy as hell and AWESOME.

we're living in the small house that's just across the way from damon's parents' place. it's not the prettiest place in the world (ours), but it's not bad. nothing some creative decorating won't fix. right now, though, the doors don't mean a lot, it sometimes feels like we're just living down the hallway in their house. but it's the first week, hopefully it'll die down, and if it doesn't, then damon gets to talk to his parents and explain that we'd kinda like to act like we live in two separate houses, even though our door's 10m away from their front door.

we live in a neighbourhood that i guess is akin to kerrisdale in terms of its fanciness, and also its distance from vancouver. damon says it's 6km from the downtown centre, seemed further on the tram, but trams always move a little slower than bikes anyways. so it feels a little suburban around here in the sense that it feels kinda far away from things, but after a week i'm sure it'll feel closer, once i know where things are (sorta).

getting used to looking the proper direction when crossing the street. slowly. but i keep finding myself expecting british accents to come out of folks' mouths when they talk. the aussie accent's throwing me.

can't set up the computer i work on my photos with yet, waiting for a screen, but once i've got that there'll be flickr photos up from the trip here. maybe today i'll start taking pictures of melbourne.

still have not seen a koala, or a kangaroo, or a wallaby, or an echidna, or any of those creatures. did see bats the first night, though. it was like watching the stream of crows that fly overhead in east van every night...except that they were giant fat bats. THRILLS!

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