Monday, March 24, 2008

packing packing packing.
it's kinda crazy around here right now.
very messy. uncovering dust bunnies that could eat your soul.
funny how a room seems so much cleaner until you move the furniture -- it's not like there's any more or less dust in there afterwards, you're just suddenly a lot more aware of it.

solomon moves to coquitlam tomorrow. i'm sad. very.
on the plus side, dinner with ridiculous innuendo and arguments about faith and science and horrendous acts of frightening makes things fun in the meantime.
as does brunch tomorrow morning, huzzah!

new york city trip photos are slowly being uploaded on flickr. they'll likely be up by the end of the week, one sub-folder at a time. wait until saint patrick's day pictures. those ones have the gem in 'em.

bedtime. should probably go shut the van door as well.

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