Saturday, April 07, 2007

hi blog!

guess it's kinda been boring here lately, what with me neglecting you and all. i've had a zillion great ideas to share with you, but i just never got around to writing them. part of the problem was that i was trying to get around to redesigning you, because it's been near a year that you've looked like this, and we all know that spring's a great time to reinvent yourself. but i'm not getting a redesign done. so i'm not going to use that as an excuse to leave you be anymore.

so, snippets!

today i sat outside in my near-swimsuit (okay, it was a skirt, not the boardshorts, but i can't be bothered to find those when it's so nice outside) and read all morning. it's a kid's book. i think it's good. but at the same time, i already know what's going to happen. i'm not sure if it's fair to be lenient on the novel just because it was written for kids a third of my age, because really, kids that age can be pretty smart, and i'm betting that they'd have figured out that the bard's spirit has entered the crow's body right now, and that's why the crow's following jack (the dimwit) around. but at the same time, some other aspects of the book are pretty remarkable -- mocking christianity? re-telling beowulf? sneaking old english words in? i can get behind that.

after avoiding the myspace craze, i got pulled into facebook trying to catch up with friends from my time in prague. and i found them. and then everyone else made contact too, and it has quickly become a huge way to waste time. so after having fun with it for a couple weeks, i think i'm done with it again. or at least, it's minimal. because it's creepy to begin communicating through that site all on its own. and i'd rather have real emails in my inbox, not notices that someone else that i went to school with (and didn't even like) 15 years ago wants to add me and pretend like it's catch-up time. because if i wanted to do that, i'd bother going to my high school reunion, if there actually is one. or maybe it'll never happen, it's already happening online, why bother spending the time and money to see people in person?

concussion, better! replaced by aching foot that canceled my plans for a hike! but this means going for physio or massage or podiatry, which means i get to feel special for a little while longer. rachel and i have decided that we're doing our old-age suffering early to get it out of the way. after all that we've had to deal with over the last few years, we're destined for some years of exemption in the future. i'm working with this plan in mind. i like this plan.

[..... then karl came home, exuding ridiculously frenetic energy, turning on all the lights and putting on music despite the fact that i was enjoying the darkness and silence, and i left home because i couldn't deal with it. so there's the end of this post!]