Saturday, February 10, 2007

so here's a twist you never expected:
i missed my flight back to london on wednesday, and am still in southern morocco.

unlike the other times that i've missed flights, however, i really didn't mean to this time. but times were closely cut and when i got to the checkin counter (after they dawdled for 15 minutes) they told me that it was too late, they'd closed the checkin 10 minutes ago, oh well! and that was when i realised how much i'd been looking forward to a nice long hot shower, a laundry machine, eating baguettes and nutella in bordeaux with ivana, and making tofu stirfry with rachel. and being able to understand what's being said all around me.

so i sat on the floor all upset for a few minutes and considered options. in the end, the price to go the same day really didn't seem worthwhile, so i headed off to an internet cafe with imad, booked a new flight, and headed back to agdz to spend a few more nights couchsurfing at his place and hanging out in one town that i really did like.

and sad as i am that i'm not in bordeaux right now, it's pretty good here in agdz. it's warm, it's friendly, i was just given couscous for lunch by the owners of the internet cafe just because, i'm hanging out with imad and his friends and other travellers on their way through the city, singing until late in the night, climbing through ruins of an old kasbah surrounded by palm trees, and seeing more stars than i've seen in years. and i almost don't want to leave for the airport again tomorrow night.

but i will. i should.

i hope.

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