Sunday, January 21, 2007

the moroccan king is stalking me.

- hung out amidst roman ruins, circa 2 or 3 AD; sountrack: birds, crickets, wind, and some school group singing and clapping.
- was shot by a martian ray gun. the perpetrator laughed when i fell to the ground in agony. his older sisters did, too.
- met friendly folks in moulay idriss, including a quick-talking kid keen to play tour guide, a gracious candy salesman, and ms hammam...
- trying out my first hammam, thanks in part to the only friendly french-speaker that happened to be there at the time. it was lovely.
- watched a runaway mule trying to make his way to freedom.
- saw an amazing sliver-moon (complete with a silhouette) with venus shimmering right beside it.
- wandered across a "yay, king!" concert.
- ate tasty nougat.
- made awesome stir-fry, which turned out to be hamza's first ever stir-fry.

so sleepy now.

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