Sunday, January 21, 2007

the moroccan king is stalking me.

- hung out amidst roman ruins, circa 2 or 3 AD; sountrack: birds, crickets, wind, and some school group singing and clapping.
- was shot by a martian ray gun. the perpetrator laughed when i fell to the ground in agony. his older sisters did, too.
- met friendly folks in moulay idriss, including a quick-talking kid keen to play tour guide, a gracious candy salesman, and ms hammam...
- trying out my first hammam, thanks in part to the only friendly french-speaker that happened to be there at the time. it was lovely.
- watched a runaway mule trying to make his way to freedom.
- saw an amazing sliver-moon (complete with a silhouette) with venus shimmering right beside it.
- wandered across a "yay, king!" concert.
- ate tasty nougat.
- made awesome stir-fry, which turned out to be hamza's first ever stir-fry.

so sleepy now.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

so london happened. and i spent hours fixing rachel's computer, which was finally better the night i left, after nearly a week of installing and reinstalling and cleaning and stuff. yay for being a computer geek (albeit not really like some of you guys). london was surprisingly warm. unsurprisingly not gripping. unsurprisingly a little frustrating. i still haven't been able to wrangle permission to interview gallery security guards. british bureaucracy seems to be all about "no".

did go down the slides, the current showpiece in the tate modern lobby. surprisingly anxiety-producing before we actually got on them and slid down. and then it was just plain fun. saw a london musical. managed not to kill myself. kinda even enjoyed it by the end, but agnes'll never believe that.

oxford was nicer. saw crazy things like totem poles (bought for $36). tried cider that isn't heated up apple juice for the first time, kinda like it. briefly played "follow that guy!" with agnes. we lost. learned the difference between beer and ale. and that it's not what it's called "out here". it just is what it is. my mistake.

and then back to london, lazy night of tasty made-up-fish-recipe food, and a night at the airport. met a scot-turned-canadian woman who was too buzzed to sleep, so she didn't let me close my eyes. artist woman, though, on her way to morocco for 2 months to carve stone. a bit of a journey for reflection. we discussed the pros and cons of art until our flight was called.

and now i'm in morocco. i need to learn arabic. people experiences have been mostly good, though the bad has somewhat tainted the good. i just need a few more days and all will be forgotten.

today i had a great lunch at a host's parents' place, saw many mules, saw a couple horses, wandered the medina in meknes, wound up in the middle of something religious (i think) and was blessed, got pulled into something going on in the grand square seeing as i was the only non-moroccan there (we danced, while he beat a drum), and i managed to learn a few more words in arabic. and in french. and it was hot. really hot. but i'm still doing my best to wear a sweater more often than not. it seems to make a difference.

gotta go, making dinner for my hosts tonight. go go couchsurfing! oh, and for the record, despite the MANY warnings i received, i have yet to get ill from the food or the water, and i have yet to be harassed by anyone trying to steal things from me. knock on wood. but people are just really nice here. it's great. and beautiful. just like everywhere.

what do you think so far? "it's beautiful!"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

clipping cats' toenails really isn't that difficult.

maybe i'm going to take tuesday off work afterall. i have more to do than i thought i did.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

yesterday k&a returned from the land of the french. canadians. a trio met them at the airport. we sat on a ledge wearing silly hats, grooving as we danced the axl rose dance until they noticed us. after waiting for luggage and waiting in lines and losing the hyper to the hungry, we finally got home much later than planned. too late to watch (and sing along to) Singin' in the Rain with its polish subtitles (which would have made our singing also polish). not too late to make omeletta con cheesio, blintzes, kosher sausages, juice, and fruit explosion pancakes with more fruit and ice cream and cinnamon. it was the best breakfast for dinner ever. shortly after, the kraken surfaced below the flaming lovers in the building, near the fellow with pants on fire, as the cthulhu silently watched from the side.

if this makes no sense, then you obviously still need to come visit me at my lovely home.

today i am fairly certain that i killed off a couple [hundred] brain cells or so. this newfangled faux-television (say it in the accent) is quickly becoming the bane of my existence.

but then i read the poetics of people i scarcely know and have never met, but whose intelligence and wit i have admired for many years. but haven't ever kept up on. only sporradically. often when i should be doing other things. often when laziness wins. but how can it be lazy when it's oh so invigorating?

today i was accidentally blunt in asking sensitive questions. i didn't know. if i'd realised that the whole situation was less than a day old, i'd never have been so direct about it. i don't think any offense was taken. but still.

today i also guilted a friend into not bringing her boyfriend to dinner. i didn't intend to do that. actally, secretly, i did intend to do that. but as soon as i hung up the phone i felt bad and told myself that it was unintentional and really only because i was too busy searching for her lost gift (which i never found). so in the end i got to have dinner with her alone. it was relatively uneventful. except for the whole "huzzah japanese food" thing.

and then there was that vaguely awkward meeting (interruption?) earlier this afternoon. fortunately i met karl's friend properly a few hours later. there's something about feeling hungry no more that makes a sarcastic mood seem invincible. the best part is when you convince everyone else around you that you can get away with it, too.

i haven't decided yet, but i may be in the throes of some bizarre form of manic depression at the moment. either way, it's certain general confusion, if nothing else.

finally, today marks the fourth day that i've been half-deaf due to a headcold making my ears pop. i am now accepting bets on when this goes away. winnings will be forwarded to the charity of your choice.