Sunday, December 17, 2006

in the past three (arbitrarily chosen) days i have:
- made meals of awesome -- couscous with banana and dates and spices, salad with pear and dressing of papaya, and an omelete that was as fluffy as can be (yay gas ovens).
- decided that i'm subconsciously working towards my secret goal to make a meal that tastes as good as fuzzy peach candies.
- made (and drank the majority of) two cartons-worth of apple cider of yummyness.
- further finalised my itinerary for january. currently, i'm going to london, then down to morocco for three weeks, then maybe through barcelona on my way back.
- said farewell to friends leaving vancouver forever (or until they end up here again). so sad, but so exciting for them.
- completed a grand total of . . . 1 christmas gift! but 4 more are near finished.
- decided to find me a monkey.
- introduced someone else to hatha yoga with a not-entirely-valid guest pass.
- had scotch for the first time in canada.
- had a conversation that made me realise that maybe i do have more of an idea of what's important to me than i thought i did.
- found someone to sublet my house to while i go away and realised that having someone you know replace you while you're gone is more disconcerting and even threatening than having an absolute stranger take your place. i think it's because you can imagine how exactly they wouldn't live like you and would potentially desecrate your space, unlike a stranger who is so bland and faceless (considering you know little about them) that they obviously wouldn't do anything unlike you. chances are they wouldn't even sleep in your bed, they're just a figment of your imagination after all.
- become the proud owner of a latest-version Sabayon dvd to explore at my leisure.
- put things into words that until now have remained assumed but unspoken by me. it's relieving. it's exciting. it makes it real, and it makes it something to work with, rather than to avoid.

in the next three days (with all luck) i will:
- make borscht without staining the kitchen red.
- finish more christmas gifts.
- buy more apple juice for apple cider.
- become the proud owner of a book about mexican mysticism, written all in russian. this will provide me with material to practice my newfound skills in reading cyrillic. newfound, as in, premature-baby-like. but with nurturing, even premies grow big and strong!
- consider dying my hair at least 2 more times.
- read bulgakov for two hours.
- watch snow fall.
- meet some fascinating stranger in a coffeeshop and gain a new exciting friend to send a postcard to when i go away.
- pick up my new glasses and be able to see properly again. wearing said new glasses may entails a slight wardrobe shift so as to appear as snazzy as the glasses.
- send ro the magic muffin recipe once i get around to asking rebecca for it, or finding it amidst christmas cleanups.

of all points on my future list, only one of those potentially might not take place. it might not be the one you expect, though.

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