Tuesday, November 28, 2006

in order to stay on par with the last while, i need to post at least two more times before the month ends. this probably won't be difficult, as ther's a myriad of things i could post about. but for now, guess what!!!

it's snowing.... just like it has been all weekend.... and it's lovely.

the only sad part of it all is that i'm not working at SFU anymore, which means that i don't get a snow day. i do, however, drive as a job, and everyone is "being nice to me" and not asking me to do very much driving, for fear of me dying. which would be a shame, i'm sure.

i think i'm going to go make a snowman outside the office right now. it'll bolster everyone's enjoyment of the weather, and make everyone a little happier they came into the office today. because that seems to be my larger role here for a substantial number of folks here -- to be doing the things that everyone else, who came to work here while they figured out what to do with their lives, wishes that they'd been doing. so that they can live vicariously through me. by my way of thinking, this includes making snowmen. unfortunately, i'm not all that exciting. i think they need someone new to take on that role soon.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

each time i hurt myself in some retarded way i always feel a little bit weaker. but not necessarily old. you know what does make me feel old?

the fact that i'm moisturizing my skin. regularly.

that makes me feel old.