Sunday, October 15, 2006

here's something i never knew existed. thank you google video!

The Brothers Quay present The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer

i've only ever seen one film by the brothers quay, at last year's film festival. it was possibly one of my favourite ones of the year. can't really tell you what it was about, though, i wasn't really sure afterwards. but it was beautiful. and it makes perfect sense that they'd have an appreciation of svankmajer.

there's a poster round town advertising an upcoming concert. the only reason i noticed was because they have a still from the Cabinet of Dr Caligari on there. when i saw it, i got all excited, thinking the film was being shown somewhere. turns out it's just some bands i don't really care about. so sad.

though maybe i'm sadder that Dr Caligari has now succombed to being just another pop culture reference for the cool and hipster.

such a snob!

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