Sunday, October 15, 2006

here's something i never knew existed. thank you google video!

The Brothers Quay present The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer

i've only ever seen one film by the brothers quay, at last year's film festival. it was possibly one of my favourite ones of the year. can't really tell you what it was about, though, i wasn't really sure afterwards. but it was beautiful. and it makes perfect sense that they'd have an appreciation of svankmajer.

there's a poster round town advertising an upcoming concert. the only reason i noticed was because they have a still from the Cabinet of Dr Caligari on there. when i saw it, i got all excited, thinking the film was being shown somewhere. turns out it's just some bands i don't really care about. so sad.

though maybe i'm sadder that Dr Caligari has now succombed to being just another pop culture reference for the cool and hipster.

such a snob!

Friday, October 06, 2006

today two different people on two different buses asked me if i was a teacher. when i said no, they told me i should become one, because i looked like one.

absolute strangers may have now given my life meaning.

also, i love my russian constructivism prof. because he is french. because he runs off on tangents all the time. because he throws in non-sequitors that really totally relate, you just have to be in the right mind-space to get them. because one of them today referenced Einstein on the Beach without explanation. because his comments on my paper may have given me a new outlook, not for the reasons he wrote them, but for what they actually say, and how it relates to all of my own issues. because i laugh regularly in that class, and it's awesome.

oh, the psychic was wrong. i'm not married. she has 52 minutes for things to change and her to be right. but i'm not expecting it.

and, for the first time ever, i took cold medicine, because i was the epitome of miserable yesterday. that stuff works like magic! i'm not better, feel far from it, but i do feel a million times better than i did yesterday afternoon. don't get this flu. it's not fun. i couldn't even imagine feeling this bad before this week.

also, an internet forum that i haven't looked at since january has just wished me a happy birthday. no wonder it's called the internet's friendliest audio board! oh, what love!

Monday, October 02, 2006


i've spent way too many hours watching this now. yet somehow, watching elephants and impalas drinking water doesn't get boring.

(from the nkorho stream.)