Thursday, September 28, 2006

this morning i had a dream that i was at work and my boss had punted a bunch of medicine balls or some sort of heavy-laden balls up into the ceiling framework. one of them fell down and hit me on the head. he was really apologetic about it, but it didn't hurt too much, just made me feel a little fuzzy. he told me i could either get worker's comp because of the accident, or i could have a bunch of tickets to go see the circus.

i couldn't decide which one to choose.

the next thing i knew we were at some fancy restaurant along with a bunch of other people who seemed like all my friends' grandparents, eating green beans.

when the alarm went off a few minutes (or was it hours?) later, i still hadn't decided between WC money or circus tickets, even in the waking world. this perplexed me all day, in fact, especially when i came to the realisation that picking the money meant seriousness and doing things as they should be done, while picking the circus tickets meant just having fun and enjoying myself and being a kid. it did make me laugh out loud, though.

perhaps i'll tell my boss about it. perhaps i won't, because then i'll seem like a nutcase. but come on -- elephants!

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