Tuesday, September 19, 2006

no more surgery. i'm bored of it. gotta find something new to pass my time. anaesthesiologist didn't prove herself to be better than the last guy. especially not with leaving me a hugely swollen back-of-the-hand that's gonna turn into a beautiful bruise. in fact, that's the part of me that hurts the most right now. that is why i'm taking advils. dr anderson's bedside manner was awesome, though, a million times warmer than knee-surgery dude. though now that scratchy throat's ten times worse than yesterday.

but. no more surgery. no more hospitals. no more IVs. this means no babies, but i can work with that.

in other news, mr mulder brought me kayaking on the weekend, and it was full of awesome. we went up indian arm, 32km+ after both ways, i was the slow wussy one but by day two i was better, there was sun, wind, rain, tides, crazy boaters, Cool Dudes (TM), wild bonfires that didn't follow BC wilderness regulations (according to david) that we were aware of but not-so-secretly jealous of, hot chocolate, omelettes, minty chocolate, bagels, waterfalls, swimming holes, many many seagull friends, brief local history lessons, seals, starfish, emo teenagers, spit, and getting to wear a toque for the first time this school year.

but no water fights. i guess that has to wait for next time.

if i'm lucky, the photos worked out. in all likelihood, however, my camera is broken. let's cross our fingers, shall we?

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