Saturday, September 09, 2006

i know i don't have the time, but i still wish i were volunteering for the vancouver film fest this year just for the guide. after scrolling through the pdf'd guide, i've picked out a mere 27 films that i want to see. only allowing myself to skim. and not allowing myself to pick ones that i suspect would get a wider release later on.

on the plus side, once the schedule's printed, that'll narrow it down a little more. but that said, i'm contemplating buying a student pass, ignoring the fact that $250 is enough to be somewhere else in the world for awhile. or any other amount of riches. but then i get to skip into films whenever i have off-time on evenings, weekends, and tuesday/thursday middays! and no having to work to do it!

yes, i'm hinting that this would be the most awesome birthday gift. no, i don't expect that anyone reading this will do anything about it. but, y'know, just saying.

go, ed. flaunt your volunteer pass. now's the time to do it. damn 8-4 job, hilltop drama, and academic european indulgences making it not worth the number of volunteer hours necessary for the pass!

but solomon is twisted up in his sleep nice and cute-like beside me on the bed, so i can pretend that that makes up for it.

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