Tuesday, August 08, 2006

yup, we're taking it! 17th and windsor. there won't be a giant party a la honey house to housewarm, but there'll be something i'm sure. you're all invited. then you too can gaze at the pretty tilings with awe and glee.

today i go to the opera with my mother. and while i'm sure i'll enjoy it, sitting in dark places listening to some tenor singing words i don't understand generally makes me a little sleepy. and for some reason i woke up with a start at 5:23AM and couldn't get back to sleep. and i'm already tired. hopefully the tenor's really fuckin exciting and dances the watusi all night long. maybe then i'll keep my eyes open. hopefully.

on a side-note, the final honey house party is this friday! ed's set the theme as inviting fairie creatures to come take our things away. i don't know how prepared i'll be for that, but after finding this page i'm hoping to see at least 4 of those dances throughout the night!

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