Saturday, July 22, 2006

[if i wrote it all out, i'd probably be a bitch, so it's in shorthand, and dull as all hell. enjoy!]

5 frustrating things:
- "it wasn't me", particularly when it's not really about a one-time problem. (yes, diego, i do understand that frustration)
- dirty dishes
- meetings meetings meetings, especially on thursday, when i was going to go away
- "no cats allowed"
- the inability to even try to think of doing things because it would make those other peoples' lives easier

5 better things:
- butoh on the beach on sunday
- meeting Miss T of Miss T's fame
- using up diego's fish marinade on perfectly-done sole
- having to use spanish during work three times today
- putting on nail polish, watching a frivolous movie, and drinking tea at 1:30am

5 inspiring things:
- convoluted anime
- the sorcerer's apprentice
- frivolous yet finely-detailed films
- late-night radio interviews
- other peoples' blogs

5 things to do tomorrow:
- paperwork
- wedding photography
- see HAP at the Summer Dreams Reading Festival (wedding prep time permitting)
- write for a half hour before getting out of bed
- not die of dehydration and heat exhaustion

i wish that for once i wouldn't make compromises, and just say/do/get what i think i deserve. i wish i weren't motivated by guilt so often. and i wish i could allow myself to ignore the worrier part of my personality. because it's really getting boring.

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