Tuesday, June 06, 2006

not dead. just busy.

and in ottawa! national c/c radio conference is this week. starts today. schedule's insane, but intriguing. since arriving here, i've walked a lot, gotten a tan again, gone through the parliament buildings having inappropriate conversations the whole time, sat in on question period in the house of commons (the infantile namecalling and answering-without-answering felt so familiar), walked right past jack layton in the hallway, crossed over the hull, heard a lot of french, spoken some french, found out that it's the ottawa dance festival and made a fortuitous connection with someone who works there who's gotten me into one show free and hinted that she could do it again if there's anything else i have time to see, found out about a bodac-y like group out here, spread some word about bodac, signed up to volunteer at the world peace forum when i'm back (because i don't have enough to do), met strange people, discussed philosophy with charismatic hull-types over indian food.

and on the way here i met a guy who designs the plane walkways that let you get into a plane nice and warm and dry, and i finally saw an episode of Alias, so i maybe kinda understand what people rave on about.

fun fun fun!

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