Sunday, May 28, 2006

[a short list of]
things that don't happen often enough after childhood
- feet so wet they squeak when you walk
- yelling at the top of your lungs for no good reason
(unless being rescued from forced standing-by-a-tree-because-you-were-told-to is a good reason)
- dirty, mud-stained jeans
- fogged-up glasses
- taunting relative strangers while not actually being an ass
(it's all fun and games 'til someone loses an eye!)
- wondering if you'll be eaten by bears

oh, (dis)organised sports! such fun!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

playing with sodaconstructor while this music plays in the background feels very creepy, and possibly something that would be in an eclectic french film, as some tiny creatures are slowly tortured to death.

now i almost feel a little queasy. but not quite.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

yesterday, while driving from victoria to the schwartz bay ferry terminal, i asked my mom to tell me a story about her dad (who died when i was 1). she ended up telling me about every place she lived, probably because that's the easiest way for her to tell it. in the end, it wasn't so much about him as it was about her picking up and moving every few months, but always being excited about it. she's always liked telling stories. and i'd heard a couple of them before. but not all of them.

apparently my grandfather wasn't much of a family man. he did, however like to meet Important People. i'd already known that albert schweitzer was my mom's godfather. i didn't know that my grandfather translated a book for him, and that was the connection between them all. but the better story is how my grandfather was taking the train from ON to Vancouver, and the train got stuck somewhere for a short while, so he walked down the cars until he found the one he was looking for, and went into John Diefenbaker's compartment and chatted with the prime minister for a good hour or more. because he wanted to. just like why they moved all the time. because he wanted to.

interesting stuff. too bad he's long dead. and all of his things are gone, too. would've been interesting to know him a bit more.

also, i kinda climbed a tree on saturday. i need to start climbing trees more, again. if that's not reason to get serious about the physio exercises, then i don't know what is.

also also, had a conversation about how everyone in my family knows that they're right about pretty much everything, and they know that everyone else is wrong. it's just a matter of how we play it out. my mother does it by not hearing the other reasons. my sister does it with some form of logic. daniel does it with silent superiority. david does it with loud arguments. my dad does it by forgetting others' ideas. feel free to fill in my style, but i know i do it too. but i was most certainly right when i said we missed the turnoff!

also also also, i can kick my mom's ass at sudoku. but i didn't gloat outwardly about it. because it's enough just to know that i'm right.

just like everyone else in my family.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

it's been awhile since i played cricket. alas, i'm away this weekend, so it will continue to be awhile since i've played cricket. but maybe it won't be for you! rob (aka guy in the cow/scary clown suit) is starting Saturdays in the Park. if you're cool, you're invited.

are you cool?

Saturday, May 06, 2006


and the easiest way to catch up is with lists! so:

1. school's done. one class left, and then i have a bunch of degrees. that's fun. whether they'll get me a job is a different story.

2. work's done. that's a relief. i'll miss some people, i'll miss parts of the job, but i'm looking forward to something new.

3. because it seemed like a good idea (and financially viable) i was going to take a few weeks to a month off from trying to find a new job, so that i could work on all the projects and ideas i always want to do, but never have time to do. my list is still incomplete, but it's going. i was excited about it. i still am excited about it.

4. then, day one of "sarah time", we found out that two people are leaving our house within the next two months, and given the current frustrations with the landlord and everything feeling as though it's up in the air, all of us are pretty much figuring we're going to leave soon. thought it wouldn't be until august. but maybe now it's sooner. but it makes not working suddenly seem like not the best idea.

Insert A: so i'm totally open to odd jobs for occasional lumps of money right now. seriously. got something you need help with? hear of something? please let me know! i still don't want to commit to anything on a long-term basis right now, but i do like to eat.

5. so karl and i checked out a place yesterday. we haven't really spoken about it with the other housemates (who are staying) yet because we don't even know how serious we are about it. but. it's beaYOUtiful. hard wood floors, gas stove, big spacious rooms, lots of light, pink palace, patios, friendly people living in other units in the house, gardens, cats, i'm quite smitten. but it's more than i pay here (no surprise), and we'd need another person to live with us -- maybe a couple.

Insert B: know of anyone(s) looking for a place near commercial station for june 1? please let karl or me know. we've got certain criteria figured out already, but the big ones are standards of cleanliness akin to ours, must like cats, and won't play country music (unless it's cheesy stuff). this is, of course, contingent on the pink palace landlord telling us that we're welcome to live there in the first place.

6. that said, i kinda wonder if i shouldn't be finding a new set of flatmates to move in with, and just take an open room, rather than karl and i trying to move out together. not that i don't want to live with him. but the whole "expand your social sphere by living with new folks" is an option.

7. i found my clarinet. it was free. accessories were less than $10. lessons start today. as usual, they'll be the "teach yourself backwards" kind, sorta like my old guitar lessons.

8. starlight mints are playing here next saturday night. unfortunately i already said i'd go to victoria with my mom that weekend. i'm sad. very sad. you: go see them in my place, and enjoy them as much as i would. i may give you money for you to buy me a t-shirt, as my old one's getting stretched out of shape. alternatively, who's up to driving to seattle with me to see them there on friday night? if you have a car, that's a nice touch...!

9. i'm getting labelled way too much lately. i don't like it. unfortunately, in reaction to this, i'm coming across as a bit of a jerk. call me on it.

10. yesterday, after getting my clarinet, i ended up wandering around the west end of broadway. with no purpose. things came to me, i found cool things, including yet another chet atkins record (i've decided that i will grab every one i find. there's no reason for this. there's no value to this. but i'm going to do it. if you have any donations, please let me know!), i found some snazzy tea, and i realised that i'm not used to doing this in vancouver -- wandering aimlessly. i need to do this more often.

11. so now, even though i have nothing going, i'm still busy. and i still have to schedule. apparently i can't stand not being busy.

despite some fear, i'm still going to have a few sarah!weeks. if only because i'm hoping to go to the NCRC the first week of june, and don't want to get a job only to ask for a week off first thing. so it's odd jobs until then! and, i think we're moving soon -- farewell, honey house! -- but i'm excited about that prospect, even though it means paying more. the thought of living somewhere a little quieter makes me happy for me and for solomon. and, pay attention, five years from now i will be a clarinet VIRTUOSO! but i'll still put you on the guest list at my shows if you ask me nicely. cuz i'm cool like that. and quit it with the labelling, please? i'm having enough trouble sorting out my own shit right now, i don't need you to tell me who i am. and, chris, you can think i'm yours. you're wrong. but i grant you the chance to pretend that it's true.* and, let's get a car and go see starlight mints!

nice long catch-up, huh?

* and if i allowed smiley-faces in posts, i'd put one there. too bad!