Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i was busy writing about how blogs are strangely passive aggressive ways to be friends with people; how i know more about people i've never met then i do about one of my oldest friends; how i stop hearing about parts of peoples' lives because the "important stuff" has been posted, so why discuss that?; how i chatted about things i already knew with someone i only sort of know because i didn't want to admit to reading their blog -- it felt like a breach of the social boundaries to know about important things in their life if i hadn't spoken to them about them; how i want to write things here, but don't because it's dull and repetitive and indulgent and my friends have already heard it; and how i think it's a problem that you can know so much about someone without having to have ever made contact with them. but i still read about peoples' lives surreptitiously, and keep them linked, and secretly wonder (worry?) when they've disappeared for months, even though i don't even know their real name.

and they have no idea that i even exist.

and that's just weird.

but then i realised that i couldn't explain meself without sounding like an idiot and decided to post music instead. because it's witty and makes me laugh.

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