Wednesday, April 19, 2006


very tired.

and still have to finish SFSS stuff. and have to get a new computer. but so far the old one's been on for 30 minutes, and honestly, that's pretty impressive.

and you know what? i have nothing interesting to say. after peter and i talked about myspace and blogs and livejournals and i stated my prejudices against livejournal for all to know and we both admitted to wanting to see journals (blogs or otherwise) with things to say, not whiny selfish tripe, i've got nothing.

i've got saved posts that i haven't posted for all to see. but that's probably way too personal. oh well.

yesterday's show was fun. SOCAN turned into not-so-bad, as i still found a bunch of good music to play. but i had torsten's company the whole time and we ended up leaping through a bunch of topics, including admitting to addictions. which, for me, is like admitting failures. which is hard to do, generally. but in the sacred space of the studio, it's somehow alright.

have i mentioned how much i love my radio station?

fingers crossed: test tomorrow, reports to write in the next few days, and an alright novel about neanderthals crossing dimensions into our own to lead me to sleep tonight!

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