Monday, April 03, 2006

1) have a listen to luxuria music if you're bored at work. your co-workers will likely go mad. i think it's wonderful, though -- i've never gotten to listen to so much cheezy exotica music on an ongoing basis before. sometimes it gets a little boring in the evenings, but generally it's good. so good that i've decided to donate to them. even though i have very little money to my name at the moment. but hey, radio's gotta have money!

2) once co-workers have gone mad, go here and get a new record to play. ad nauseum. sing along. dance. giggle. and maybe start to love this magical german website where all these full-length albums are hiding, even if they have frustrating downloading limitations. (go here to find a different style of annoyance, thanks to peter.)

3) when everyone's ready to kill you and demands you turn off that album, go here and start building your collection of cover tunes. continue to dance. sing. giggle. wear tinfoil.


and then afterwards scroll through both of those sites some more and learn about secos e molhados. then watch them.

wow. this is like winning the lottery. only without the millions of dollars. and the taxes. and the friends that come out of the woodwork. actually, i might alienate a lot more people this way. maybe this isn't anything like winning the lottery, actually.

oh, if only i had a working computer that i could download all this music to!

[EDIT] how can i not link to os mutantes tracks? i have to thank the random email that sent me on a simple search that brought all this up!

and, i want to go to late-60s/early-70s brazil. who wants to come with me?

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