Thursday, March 02, 2006

i was supposed to go see animal collective tonight. i really wanted to. but march 1 crept up on me and it was only as i was leaving school today that i realised that february was over and the concert was tonight.

too bad, because i have big projects due tomorrow.

so instead of doing something fun, i've spent all evening staring at an article and trying to make sense of it. and listening to cecil taylor and his improvisational poetry. and i've learned something about parmenides, because i thought that maybe that would help with the article. i can't say i understand it more. but i understand why the writer chose to quote parmenides. the whole thing is basically that things that are not are and words are useless to express that which words cannot express. and using that as a basis, i need to analyse some objet d'art. using 1500 words. which will not express what needs to be expressed, assumedly.

that said, it's actually been fun. i just have no idea what's going on. half of the time animal collective was playing in the background -- in part because maybe i'll be analysing that for the paper, in part because if i keep listening to cecil taylor i'll go mad -- and i realised that maybe i didn't really care if i saw them live afterall, because i can't imagine seeing them playing all their music in person adding much.

it's not being sour grapes. i hope they were great. i just don't feel like i missed out either way, in the end. because at least i maybe understand that by something's absence, something is. or something.

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