Sunday, February 05, 2006

doing half of features for the peak last night reminded me just how much i loved layout. and how much i still love it. and the late nights on fridays with a random group of weirdos.

good times.

and then, having missed the last bus, i went to sleep at kevin's place until the skytrain started running again. except that i couldn't sleep. so i played crib with him and his flatmate and discussed many things, many involving the student press, until 8am.

now it's 9:11am. i woke up yesterday at 5am. i got an almost-2-hour nap sometime between finishing my pages and leaving with agnes and kevin. i'm exhausted. but not sleepy. goddammit.

there's the whole solidarity/freedom of speech/but is it actually what should be done debate. but i'm too inarticulate to state my thoughts at the moment. other than the fact that i don't think next week's editorial cartoon is justified, despite the reasoning behind it.

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