Friday, February 03, 2006

1. yes. i'm back in canada now. and jet lagged. for it is 6am, and i've been up and about for 2 hours now. even though i only went to sleep at 11. i enjoy jet lag, to be honest.

2. this is the flag for nunavut:

a random google search brought back a page that showed all canadian flags, including that one. it made me realise that i've never seen it before, and had never realised that yes, even nunavut has a flag. there's probably people who live there, too.

3. there's a campus radio station in paris. their frequency's 93.9. it amused me to figure that out. i wanted to visit it while i was there, but didn't find time to do so. which just means i'll have to go back. when i found it on the stereo, someone from the animal collective was performing their latest album live, all the way through, with just his voice and a guitar. and being interviewed between each song. he rambles. a lot. when the interviewer translated it into french, she didn't edit out his rambles at all. at least he can't complain that he was misinterpreted.

4. on the flight home i found a uk paper. i can't believe they call those things newspapers. the only useful page in there was the one with all the brain games that gave me something to do while i waited to board my next flight. on the back of that page, however, were the horoscopes. mine read:

"'s becoming clear that you have got a difficult factor to come to terms with. you have, though, also got all the help, support, and material assistance you require freely available to may feel as if nothing much has changed -- but it has."

it seemed pertinent at the time.

5. it's ironic that my eating, sleeping, exercising, everything is better when i'm living out of a suitcase than when i'm in my own house. i have a cupboard full of food and easy access to a good kitchen, and yet if i eat at all, it's nothing thoroughly healthy. and i cooked fabulous meals in kitchens that weren't my own, but here i'm starved for ideas of what to make.

6. sometime around march 13th, my knee's getting mutilated with knives and scopes and general pain. again. if you know anyone who has access to crutches, i'd like to know if i could borrow them for a few days.

7. who wants pie? i know i do!

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