Monday, January 02, 2006

happy 2006! now when i write that year down, i won't have to go and correct it.

rachel and i spent new year's eve sitting in bed, talking, playing sudoku, discussing Deep Thoughts, trying to figure out Britain, baking apple crumble, drinking wine, shouting out the front porch when midnight hit, and general laziness. It was perfect.

today we biked around london, and i didn't get run over by a car when i turned the wrong way onto the street. it's harder to get used to looking the other way than you'd think. but i biked without a helmet. because i lead a dangerous life. it's more of a thrill that way.

i leave the UK on thurday. before then, should anything ghastly arrive, i can be reached at: +44 7981 873 796.

tomorrow we plan to:
a) hit up WIRE (if they're open) to get my gift
b) harass patrons at the national gallery
c) look at scarabs in the british museum
d) replace bike tires
e) maybe see a richard e. grant performance

course, right now it's nearly 4am (because this is when i can finally catch up on work that needs to be done), so who knows if any of that'll get done.

Edit: after reading a bunch of other blogs and catching up on the lives of those who are close and not-so-close to me, i feel like i should write something a bit deeper. but it's 4:21am now, and i just can't. though there have been many things that actually are post-worth -- for once. maybe another day. but, so that i don't forget things that have happened so far:
- my flight companion to frankfurt was a chatty russian. at first he was an asshole, but when he shared his salmon, we became friends.
- why did john cusack take up Must Love Dogs?
- aqeel and john saved my day. and i started london off with camden. and it felt surprisingly comforting taking the underground there and finding our meeting point.
- john is an amazing cook. i must learn how to make his pasta sauce.
- i've missed rachel.
- london bus drivers will take every opportunity to splash waiting passengers.
- BBC1 showed the worst news segment imaginable today. i trust someone won't be climbing up in their offices for awhile. hope he enjoyed art school.
- tate modern's lobby is always fun.
- my sleeping patterns are fucked.

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