Thursday, January 12, 2006


went to Leeds to visit kate. we made a ceramic copy of my hand. it broke, but rachel kept the thumb. we spent hours in a book store and went to Betty´s, where utensils clinked on china and servers wore fancy dancy outfits and everyone was upper middleclass and white and there was an old man playing piano for our listening pleasure. discussed pop culture and movies and kate proved again why she´s awesome.

came back to London. had a mini-affair on the busride home, from start to finish. lost my water bottle on the bus. spent way too long trying to find rachel and devika and ended up tired and cranky when i saw them. that wasn´t good. fortunately that mood was rid of soon enough. talked with rachel until i had to sleep before leaving the next morning.

rachel needs to live closer to me. or i need to live closer to her. something like that. same with kate.

went to Granada. met caelen´s brother. ian is officially awesome. spent a cold night in his new place. walked a lot. found my footing in español. decided i want to go back there to take a spanish intensive later. reminded me a lot of living in prague again, having an old town that´s so different from the newer areas, and you can live completely in ignorance of the scuzzier parts of town. and the cobbles. oh, the cobbles. explored la alhambra. oh my god. if i had slaves, i´d have one of those made for me, too.

actually, i wouldn´t. it´s way too grand for that. but i just wanted to make the slavery comment here, because i couldn´t do it in the email i sent out because that was going to people that would be offended by such a comment. there were other things that were censored at the time. silly people.

went to las alpujarras, tiny towns tucked away int he mountains. there was snow. and dogs. and cats. and fairy winter villages. and friendly sheepherders that shared lunch. and friendly people who were happy to carry on a stilted conversation with me. and an awesome refugio to stay at. and lots of hiking. and beautiful little tiny towns. and tasty food. and good reading. and nice fires. and making firewood.

and then i came here, to the coast. la cabo de gata. it´s warm. but windy. without the wind, totally t-shirt & shorts weather. we´ll see how tomorrow is. gotta go find the campground. sort of wasting time here right now. the place is a bit of a ghost town at the moment, really. but the internet cafés apparently the place to be. but the sun´ll set soon, and i´d rather know where i´m sleeping tonight before it´s dark.

so. fun times. and one of the best moments of today is 20 minutes ago, chatting over MSN with someone i haven´t spoken to for over a year, and catching up. and feeling happy that we´re still friends.

well, that, and listening to the music wherever i am. they like playing flamenco music a lot. it´s glorious. must remember to buy some before i leave andalucía once i can start loading up my bag with purchases. you have no clue how sorry i was that i couldn´t carry one of the nifty woven carpets they make up in the mountains. would have been a lovely addition to the honey house. but nope, too heavy, knew i had to lug everything around for awhile longer!

tragic. truly tragic. lockers in bus stations are becoming my best friends, provided the route back to granada brings me through that place again. so far, i´m lucky.

there weather´s here, wish you were lovely!

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