Friday, December 16, 2005

my powers of perception are miserable unless i'm dizzy. i just noticed that david's blog doesn't read "si si", but rather "si sí". such a difference. maybe i should brush up my spanish before i actually go to spain.

* * * * * * * * *

go find the november issue of WIRE magazine. flip to page 86. look at the bottom left hand photos. they're MINE.

they wrote my name wrong in the credits, but it's to be expected i suppose when you're name's uncommon.

* * * * * * * * *

as i wrote that, i finally went to look myself up in the white pages. i've meant to for awhile, but never been near a phone book when the thought crossed my mind . . . until now! see, my family paid whatever extra money it cost to not be listed in the phone book. i've never been printed in there in black and white for all to see before. it's a little exciting.

but what i wanted to see was whether it was still just me, my grandma, and my aunt in the book these days or not. because that's what it has been for a long time. in fact, one summer, while combatting boredom, i looked up our name in the phone book and discovered that lo and behold, there's another caufield in there who isn't a direct relative! or were they??

so i called him up. his name was barry. there was the initial awkwardness that can only be expected when a stranger on the phone introduces themselves by saying, "hi...we have the same last name. are we related?" but after that, we had quite the lovely conversation. turns out that it's rather likely that we're related somehow, too. his family was from the sault ste. marie area, and my grandad's side goes back to there as well. and after a nice forty-minute conversation, we bid each other adieu.

the next year when the phone book was published, his name wasn't listed anymore.

and now, i've just discovered that my name's right there, my aunt's no longer listed, but there's a jamie caufield in the phone book this year.

i've got a phone call to make tomorrow.

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