Monday, December 26, 2005

merry christmas!

and anyone who takes offense to me wishing them a happy day is welcome to spend their time getting angry over happy wishes.

we're in victoria. at my sister's place. all us kids, plus rebecca's boyfriend and grandma c. on the ferry ride over david achieved celebrity status playing his guitar and jamming with random strangers. people took pictures of them, they were that cool. daniel and i ran around recording sounds and poking into places where we weren't supposed to be.

i spent time yesterday and today worrying about solomon.* again. look at me, i'm a mommy! but then things got better. we had food. lots of good food. lots of sweets. we watched batman begins. christmas gift from mom to all the kids. rebecca didn't allow me to mock it.

we played donkey kong country. and tetris. and other stuff. i got the black plague. and a scarf. not as long as a dr who scarf, but pretty cool nonetheless. rebecca made it. what talent. david, daniel and i made cds for everyone. mine's the best. david's has smashing pumpkins on it. daniel's has a lot of video game music. i was the only person keen enough to pop them in and flip through ASAP, no one else cared, really. it's funny how predictable we all are.

we went to the beach. david and daniel climbed a tree. we took pictures. grandma likes the dog a lot. rebecca and matt cooked a bunch. there wasn't much room in the kitchen. so we played games. rebecca's taken after my mom and has nutcracker nameholder place things. she insists she's not like mom and that it's mostly matt. i say she's like mom. my mom cooks well, though, so rebecca shouldn't be so indignant about it. i got a conch shell in my christmas cracker. my crown's yellow. oh what fun.

gotta go walk the dog with my sister now. christmas is fun with just siblings, though. i didn't have to cringe every time i swore accidentally. and because we don't quite all feel like kids. just really immature adults.


* see, on thursday the vet's verdict was that the cat had a throat infection that would clear up in a few days, not a polyp growing back, hurrah. he also has super-developed veins in his throat on the side where the polyp was growing, which is just weird and crazy, cuz it's only on the one side. but when we got home, rather than being smart and running inside, stupid cat decided to be smart and run away in the rain. and then not show up until the next morning, hiding in an alley area between the house and the fence, which is protected on 3 sides, but no cover. so he got wet and cold and whiney overnight. and then he got sicker. because he's smart like that. so i was a little worried that he was getting worse while i was away and no one was home, but apparently he's better. huzzah.

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