Tuesday, December 06, 2005

it's monday, 11:19pm. i have 2 final essays, 1600 words each, due on tuesday, 7:00pm. i thought it was by 4:30 for some reason. i wish i still thought that.

both essays are horrendous at the moment. neither one has a real focus. neither one is bringing all my ideas together. though cumulatively i should be over half-way done the entire workload, i suspect that these 1600+ words are all the wrong words, and that they are ultimately worth nothing. i'd scrap it all except that i don't have an idea of how to start once the files are deleted. so at least this is better than nothing.

while writing, i've done some procrastinating as well. there was a scrap in the radio station (i hit him in the eye with an elastic band, he attacked me [though took my glasses off before trying to body slam me], i escaped, we shook hands for a truce after he accidentally punched my nose). i booked my plane ticket from london to granada. i looked up tickets from paris to vancouver. i eavesdropped. i had a senate meeting. i posted this. i realised that if i'd only taken more philosophy courses, i'd probably have a much easier time at this.

but none of this has helped my essay get any longer. goddammit.

at least, whenever i look left at my reflection in the window, my hair looks pretty cool today. there's points in all the right places. dj buttertart did a good job. maybe he'll cut it one more time before i leave. heaven forbid i walk around london not looking fashionable enough.

23 days...

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