Friday, December 16, 2005

[copied from email, cuz i'm lame like that]

For those who didn't already know, I'm heading off to Europe for a month, and thought I'd take this moment to alert you:

1) If you or someone you know is looking to sublet a comfy room in a warm and friendly house of 7 (though there will only be 4 others here in January) from December 28 - January 31 in lovely East Vancouver, 5 mins walk from the skytrain, please pass the info onto me (or them). (The cat's living with someone else while I'm gone, so allergies should not deter anyone!)

2) I'll be in London from December 29 - January 5 (early AM). Then, Southern Spain (starting in Granada), and at some point I'll head towards Bordeaux, and then I fly out of Paris on January 31 (2PM or so, Ivana). If you're anywhere near that route, I want to see you! If you've been around that area before and have advise to share, I'd love to hear it! If you know people around there and want me to bring them gifts or if you think they'd be open to taking in a friend of a friend for a night or two, I'd be happy to oblige (within reason) and/or would love to hear about it!

3) If you are a fan of keychains and postcards, I'm very happy for
you. I promise NOTHING, but if you're interested in mail, now's the
time to send me your mailing address (unless you're POSITIVE that I have it already).

4) If one of my planes crash, it was lovely knowing you, and I'll miss you dearly. But hopefully I'm marooned on a lovely deserted island with only my readings for Laura Marks' class to keep me company, eating coconuts and guavas and mangos and going swimming every day.

Tragic. Truly tragic.

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