Sunday, October 02, 2005

viff is on! six films today. japan, US/UK, italy, hungary, latvia, germany. the squid and the whale will likely stick around later on. see it then. save film fest time for other ones. like the piano tuner of earthquakes. makes use of one of my favourite fucked up parasites. to tell you anything more of it would detract from the experience. and hungarian is an awesome language to rap in.

and it's decided. i'm skipping part of my birthday party to see beowulf and grendel. there really isn't much choice in the matter. so the party's shifting earlier in the evening to compensate.

yesterday i saw three films (croatia, romania, denmark/iceland), worked at a party full of schmoozers, exchanged niceties with cancerman, tagged onto another party, found out things about gavin's background that explain him all the more, dined after the last film with ed, and did laundry. i don't think the day could have been better spent.

today i sat at the corner of robson and granville for an hour and watched people walk by. and watched the leaves. and the busses. and peoples' shoes. people seem to be taking more pride in their shoes these days. shoes are the one thing i've never gotten into, other than a split-second decision. i have no nice pair of shoes. when i'm in a bind i end up wearing my scuffed-up marine boots, because they're the best i have. shoes are harder to prioritize.

there was an AGM this week. as a result, i'm on the board. this could be exciting.

there was another AGM this week too. and a carnival and pub night. i've written more elsewhere. but for the record, for when i look back on this in years to come, the ideal 500 people didn't show, but 330 - 350 did, and not for a free meal. they were people who were interested in the meeting. so even if we couldn't vote on bylaw changes, i think it's still a remarkable achievement. above and beyond that, though, there was an event up on campus that involved a lot of people, interested more, made things interesting for a day, and despite last-minute changes and minor issues, the majority of people noticed nothing and just had a fun time. i think that's an accomplishment. goes to show what a scant few people can do. next time, if more people put in the elbow grease, maybe 500 will be there. i've got ideas and plans, though.

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