Tuesday, November 01, 2005

tomorrow is november 1. this is important. for a few reasons.

1. hallowe'en is over, sadly.
2. it's diwali.
3. my cat comes home from the vet minus a giant nasal polyp, plus an appetite and clean teeth. finally.
4. hopefully i'll get exciting news from the radio.
5. i have to write ~1666 words every day for the next month.

every year i try to do this. every year i end up too busy. but i want to do it this time. so, in preparation for this magical date, and to give me some sort of starting point, i'd ask everyone to please post a word, image, verb, or adjective. the more inane, the better. i promise you'll get recognition.

but before then, i have a paper to write tonight. about nazis. they just won't stop haunting me.

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