Tuesday, October 25, 2005

jo doesn't know it but she just put me through a fun exercise that actually did an alright job at alleviating some of my anger. see, she generally hates my music, but likes to listen to my radio show to abuse herself. or something. but she actually didn't hate everything today, apparently!

[23:08] jo: tho...i have to say that i didn't hate the last song that u played... :P
[23:08] me: wasn't it nice????
[23:08] me: oh, i was blown away by how perfect it was for today.
[23:08] me: seriously. i'm in love with it.
[23:08] jo: okie...now u r pushing it...
[23:08] me: oh no i'm not!
[23:08] me: it's the perfect october 24 sunny day 5:58pm PST song
[23:09] me: it couldn't have been better than that.
[23:09] jo: wait...first u have a favorite song...now u are in love with one!! *gasp!!*
[23:09] me: oh no, i'm in love with a lot of things
[23:09] me: most inanimate
[23:09] me: actually, everything except for the cat is inanimate.
[23:10] jo: so what else do u love besides solo...
[23:11] jo: and prague
[23:11] jo: and all things european?
[23:11] me: pasta
[23:11] me: green beans cooked just right
[23:11] me: perogies
[23:11] me: languages
[23:11] me: snow
[23:11] me: candles
[23:11] me: belle & sebastian "don't turn the light off"
[23:11] me: particular radiohead songs
[23:11] me: chord changes
[23:11] me: E7 on a guitar
[23:11] me: thunder
[23:12] me: pretty pictures
[23:12] me: european yoghurt
[23:12] me: strawberries
[23:12] me: tealights
[23:12] me: vegetable chips
[23:13] me: the wind-up bird chronicles by haruki murakami
[23:13] me: music
[23:13] me: rachmaninov (dead = inanimate)
[23:13] me: john lennon's "cry baby cry"
[23:13] me: subsonic sound
[23:13] me: deep blue
[23:13] me: ocean
[23:13] me: wind
[23:13] me: forest
[23:13] me: fall sunshine
[23:13] me: frost
[23:13] me: coloured leaves
[23:14] me: match boxes
[23:14] me: the smell of burning wood or candles
[23:14] me: norway
[23:15] me: sjokade
[23:15] me: licorice
[23:15] me: salte fisker
[23:15] me: cinnamon
[23:15] me: internet
[23:15] me: receiving long personal emails
[23:15] me: saris
[23:15] me: hats
[23:15] me: striped socks
[23:15] me: creating
[23:16] me: the rats of NIMH
[23:16] me: cobblestones
[23:16] me: imagery
[23:16] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Oct 24 23:16:41 2005.

now she's going to leave a post telling me how random i am.

[EDIT] oh, the song was "You May Know Me" by The Occasion, if you're wondering.

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