Tuesday, November 01, 2005

i like mugs. a lot. i realised this a few months ago when, during a trip to superstore to buy ONLY ONE THING, i bought that one thing . . . and a giant black and white mug. because it was nice and aesthetically pleasing. because it was a mug. in fact, it was (and is) the one on the left here:


i don't entirely know what it is about them. even the boring old tall-and-round ones can be nice, provided they're a nice shade. a fainter shade of paint on the outside and white on the inside can be quite nice. but if there's too much contrast, and not in a clashy kind of way, then it's just ugly.

with denby mugs, though, can never go wrong. my mother gave me a mug for my birthday. again, the one on the left.
delicious denby!

to be honest, the colour wouldn't necessarily grab me if it were anything but a mug. i'd actually associate it with my sister more than with me. however, that said, it's beautiful. the graininess in the colour, the somewhat-overly-rounded shape, perfect to hold to keep your hands warm, . . . and looks just about ready to be knocked off the table and broken into a million pieces. so i should probably drink something out of it soon.

but aside from my denby mug, these are the other crèmes de la crops. last week karl and i went to T&T in coquitlam centre, and i dragged him to the japanes porcelain place next door. there's so many dishes and mugs there that i only dream of buying, even though none of them are overly pricey. but we needed more cups, and i found these:

they were placed next to some of the fanciest, classiest plates i'd seen in awhile. one day, when i am rich and without debt and with way too much time on my hands, i'll get an entire set of flatfish dishes -- they even had flatfish chopstick holders. i'll hold fancy dinners where everyone will have to wear hats of the fishy variety. and we'll have oh so much fun... but for now, i'll just have to settle with drinking out of cheesy little mugs like those.

so. tea party, anyone?

this should have taken mere minutes to post. instead, i've been interrupted by trick'n'treaters every 30 seconds. and the rest of the house told me that there wouldn't be many kids coming by and i'm nearly out of candy... so i just turned away some old guys. oooh, hallowe'en nazi!

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