Sunday, October 02, 2005

i have to start this at some point...

VIFF 2005 films, as compared to eatables, which is how i've decided to do it this year.

Oct 1:
Fallen [Latvia/Germany] vodka and cigarettes and pretention. yum.
Sleeper [Germany] apple streudel; tasty, fulfilling, on the healthy side of the spectrum, but you don't necessarily have a reason for eating it. it's good, though. (as an aside, points to me for placing the accent before it was mentioned in the screenplay, and even more points for understanding a surprising amount of the language.)
The Squid and the Whale [USA] rice and kidneys; good, brown, reminiscent of the mid-80s, exciting to have at dinnertime without being classy or overly thrilling. i've been tempted to try to make this for myself recently, to see if it's still tasty. in my memories, it is.
The District! [Hungary] skittles. pretty, tasty, yummy, can't have too much without getting a little sick of them, but give them a little while and you'll be happy to eat more.
The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes [UK/Germany/France] sparkling apple juice, blue cotton candy, and some tasty exotic slightly-sweet unknown food that keeps you nibbling at it out of curiousity.
Linda Linda Linda [Japan] bubblegum ice cream. possibly a popsicle of it shaped like an anime character.

Sept 30:
Dark Horse [Danish/Icelandic] a 3-course meal with a great salad, tasty fish and pasta main course, but Dad's chocolate chip cookies for dessert; somewhere along the way it veers off and doesn't end as the same dinner.
The Death of Mister Lazarescu [Romanian] pickled rat, BBQ dog, or something along those lines: horrific, but you can't help but try it, and ultimately are happy to have done so just for the experience.
Sorry for Kung Fu [Croatia] alright, i can't figure something out for this one yet.

Pre-Festival Viewings:
Skritek [Czech] a hazelnut Siesta bar - light, airy, tasty, not too much, but a little bit of substance because of the nuts. oh, and easy-to-open packaging.
Measures to Better the World [Germany] buffet from Bonanza - at least, my memory of it, when it existed: lots of stuff, some good, some not so good, not something to go to that often.
Crying Fist [South Korea] yakisoba from kishu island - good, flavour gets a bit much at times, way too much for one sitting

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