Sunday, October 23, 2005

had a thai massage this evening. brain isn't at its peak now. my right thigh has a surprising amount of stress in it. compensation for the left leg? perhaps. seems that my mid-back is in the same state as that of a woman with unbearably large breasts -- so says the masseuse. my breasts aren't terribly large, though. can't figure out what that means. perhaps, in my dreams, i am a large-breasted valkyrian woman?

my cat is suffering from stockholm syndrome. the more torturous events i put him through, the more he seems to love me. after two trips in The Box, being leashed, seeing more of vancouver than he ever dreamed existed, poking and prodding from a weird woman, having blood taken, and getting a weird shot in his leg, he loves me more than ever. when i start rubbing gel on his gums next week, he'll never get over me.

my sad godot child is back to staring blankly out from the wall. it makes me happy. matt and i always talked of stealing the giant sign they had advertising the gallery. we never did. i got this copy when i bought Art from the gallery. i still need to find the hammer and nails so that i can hang my Art up for all to see.

a group of school children have been blown away, all across the hallway wall. i suspect that many of them will disappear at the next HH party. i'll have to steal another poster to replace them all when it happens. my poor kids.


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