Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my room is now a hair salon. it's the groovy only-slightly-dissonant beats make it so.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

jo doesn't know it but she just put me through a fun exercise that actually did an alright job at alleviating some of my anger. see, she generally hates my music, but likes to listen to my radio show to abuse herself. or something. but she actually didn't hate everything today, apparently!

[23:08] jo: tho...i have to say that i didn't hate the last song that u played... :P
[23:08] me: wasn't it nice????
[23:08] me: oh, i was blown away by how perfect it was for today.
[23:08] me: seriously. i'm in love with it.
[23:08] jo: u r pushing it...
[23:08] me: oh no i'm not!
[23:08] me: it's the perfect october 24 sunny day 5:58pm PST song
[23:09] me: it couldn't have been better than that.
[23:09] jo: wait...first u have a favorite u are in love with one!! *gasp!!*
[23:09] me: oh no, i'm in love with a lot of things
[23:09] me: most inanimate
[23:09] me: actually, everything except for the cat is inanimate.
[23:10] jo: so what else do u love besides solo...
[23:11] jo: and prague
[23:11] jo: and all things european?
[23:11] me: pasta
[23:11] me: green beans cooked just right
[23:11] me: perogies
[23:11] me: languages
[23:11] me: snow
[23:11] me: candles
[23:11] me: belle & sebastian "don't turn the light off"
[23:11] me: particular radiohead songs
[23:11] me: chord changes
[23:11] me: E7 on a guitar
[23:11] me: thunder
[23:12] me: pretty pictures
[23:12] me: european yoghurt
[23:12] me: strawberries
[23:12] me: tealights
[23:12] me: vegetable chips
[23:13] me: the wind-up bird chronicles by haruki murakami
[23:13] me: music
[23:13] me: rachmaninov (dead = inanimate)
[23:13] me: john lennon's "cry baby cry"
[23:13] me: subsonic sound
[23:13] me: deep blue
[23:13] me: ocean
[23:13] me: wind
[23:13] me: forest
[23:13] me: fall sunshine
[23:13] me: frost
[23:13] me: coloured leaves
[23:14] me: match boxes
[23:14] me: the smell of burning wood or candles
[23:14] me: norway
[23:15] me: sjokade
[23:15] me: licorice
[23:15] me: salte fisker
[23:15] me: cinnamon
[23:15] me: internet
[23:15] me: receiving long personal emails
[23:15] me: saris
[23:15] me: hats
[23:15] me: striped socks
[23:15] me: creating
[23:16] me: the rats of NIMH
[23:16] me: cobblestones
[23:16] me: imagery
[23:16] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Oct 24 23:16:41 2005.

now she's going to leave a post telling me how random i am.

[EDIT] oh, the song was "You May Know Me" by The Occasion, if you're wondering.
the bustly energy that i had on my way home has officially shifted to anger, bordering on hate. but hate is a very strong word.

my mother's "steamed" green beans are the best. mine are pretty good. they're better when i have an onion lying around. but i didn't tonight. instead, they're very garlicky.

for the sake of the moment, they're perfect.

still. HATE.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

had a thai massage this evening. brain isn't at its peak now. my right thigh has a surprising amount of stress in it. compensation for the left leg? perhaps. seems that my mid-back is in the same state as that of a woman with unbearably large breasts -- so says the masseuse. my breasts aren't terribly large, though. can't figure out what that means. perhaps, in my dreams, i am a large-breasted valkyrian woman?

my cat is suffering from stockholm syndrome. the more torturous events i put him through, the more he seems to love me. after two trips in The Box, being leashed, seeing more of vancouver than he ever dreamed existed, poking and prodding from a weird woman, having blood taken, and getting a weird shot in his leg, he loves me more than ever. when i start rubbing gel on his gums next week, he'll never get over me.

my sad godot child is back to staring blankly out from the wall. it makes me happy. matt and i always talked of stealing the giant sign they had advertising the gallery. we never did. i got this copy when i bought Art from the gallery. i still need to find the hammer and nails so that i can hang my Art up for all to see.

a group of school children have been blown away, all across the hallway wall. i suspect that many of them will disappear at the next HH party. i'll have to steal another poster to replace them all when it happens. my poor kids.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

why is my cat asleep on my bed, and i'm not?

do you know what the happy sailor face is?

i'll tell you soon, when i have time to edit the picture. but it's a term that the caufield kids came up with, but i have no idea where we got the name from. so i'm wondering if anyone else will define it before i explain it. post links to pictures to define it if you want.

last saturday i bumped into people on my way home from work. so i spent the day with them. we spent time in a hat shop, among other things. i only got my camera usb cord back today, though, and i should be sleeping instead of editing up photos. which is why at least 1.5 of these need to be redone.

but at least some are up now. and dan can have a look at his crazy top hat photo.

other photos will be posted soon.

a/k/a tommy chong
canadian shorts
based on a true story
dreaming of space
three dollars
low profile
beowulf & grendel
mutual appreciation
wrong side up
white diamond
black brush
crash test dummies
the life and hard times of guy terrifico
at the quinte hotel
look both ways
the gronholm method
shin sung-il is lost
based on a true story
the city of the sun
linda linda linda
the piano tuner of earthquakes
the district!
the squid and the whale
sorry for kung fu
the death of mister lazarescu
dark horse
measures to better the world
crying fist


Saturday, October 15, 2005

today was full of career advice from people who hardly know me.

"you have the air of a good editor," he said. "you've got the talent. you're discerning."

"really," i said. "define 'discerning'."

"ho ho ho," he said. and then he gave me his number. "yes, you could be a good editor."

what's just as fun is that he gave me the last DVD of his film to watch at home, too. here i thought i'd wind up seeing false people trying to schmooze over the last while, and every person i met was surprisingly down-to-earth and friendly.

good times.

pi has become the soundtrack of my dreams.

Monday, October 10, 2005

i wish victor borge had been my grandfather. betcha family dinners would be different then.
on may 27, 2004, i apparently wrote myself a letter on it just showed up in my mailbox today. i'd completely forgotten about it. and if the word "svetr" hadn't been in the title, i probably would have deleted it as spam.

it's enlightening. i bet i thought i was being so smart and upfront about things in that, but it's actually brilliantly vague, lest someone read it over my shoulder, i suppose. it's horrible. so i wrote myself a new letter. it's a lot more blunt. it's about yesterday. it's about dancing across seymour street, cheering with persian guys, escorts, miserable german films, and communists.

maybe i'll remember the day. maybe i won't. nothing really happened. which is why it was so grand.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

yesterday i played a Wolf Parade song on my radio show. just before i played it, i announced that i was going to play "my favourite Wolf Parade song."

the second i hit play, i realised that i haven't had a favourite anything in a very long while. there's things i say are favourites, like lavendar gelato, but at this point, it's more the routine, not an actual burning passion for it to make me say i like it. honestly, i think it's got to do with admitting to liking something.

i wasn't lying about the Wolf Parade song. it is my favourite one right now. which is amazing. i have this quirk in that i'll tell you most anything, but never how i actually feel. "you" also includes myself. it's not so much that i don't want to tell anyone, but more that i'm always trying to be open to something else being better or more worthwhile. i'm working on it, though. and for the moment, admitting to myself that i have a favourite anything is a pretty damn big deal, even when it's just a song.

i think that was part of why i was in such a good mood last night, when i should have been tired, i should have been hungry, i should have been bordering on cranky, i should have been frustrated and venting, and i should have been writing the paper that's due in five hours and is still not finished right now.

but i was in a good mood yesterday. possibly still am now. though getting worried that my plan to skip out on what was going to be my own birthday party to see Beowulf and Grendel might be foiled by the fact that when i explain why my party's off to anyone, they immediately say that hey, they'd like to see it, they're going to go buy a ticket! it's going to be sold out and i won't get to see it.

if that happened i might cry. it's more likely that i'd just go see another film, though.

it's a very silly distinction to be making, i'm sure. but hey, i like the song. a lot. and it's the main reason i would have been happy to be working at the arcade fire show on friday, had our summertime plans worked out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

we had more than 420 people at the meeting at some point.

four hundred and twenty.

80 short of quorum.

if it had been sunny, and if people had done 0.82% more work, we would have had it.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

viff is on! six films today. japan, US/UK, italy, hungary, latvia, germany. the squid and the whale will likely stick around later on. see it then. save film fest time for other ones. like the piano tuner of earthquakes. makes use of one of my favourite fucked up parasites. to tell you anything more of it would detract from the experience. and hungarian is an awesome language to rap in.

and it's decided. i'm skipping part of my birthday party to see beowulf and grendel. there really isn't much choice in the matter. so the party's shifting earlier in the evening to compensate.

yesterday i saw three films (croatia, romania, denmark/iceland), worked at a party full of schmoozers, exchanged niceties with cancerman, tagged onto another party, found out things about gavin's background that explain him all the more, dined after the last film with ed, and did laundry. i don't think the day could have been better spent.

today i sat at the corner of robson and granville for an hour and watched people walk by. and watched the leaves. and the busses. and peoples' shoes. people seem to be taking more pride in their shoes these days. shoes are the one thing i've never gotten into, other than a split-second decision. i have no nice pair of shoes. when i'm in a bind i end up wearing my scuffed-up marine boots, because they're the best i have. shoes are harder to prioritize.

there was an AGM this week. as a result, i'm on the board. this could be exciting.

there was another AGM this week too. and a carnival and pub night. i've written more elsewhere. but for the record, for when i look back on this in years to come, the ideal 500 people didn't show, but 330 - 350 did, and not for a free meal. they were people who were interested in the meeting. so even if we couldn't vote on bylaw changes, i think it's still a remarkable achievement. above and beyond that, though, there was an event up on campus that involved a lot of people, interested more, made things interesting for a day, and despite last-minute changes and minor issues, the majority of people noticed nothing and just had a fun time. i think that's an accomplishment. goes to show what a scant few people can do. next time, if more people put in the elbow grease, maybe 500 will be there. i've got ideas and plans, though.
i have to start this at some point...

VIFF 2005 films, as compared to eatables, which is how i've decided to do it this year.

Oct 1:
Fallen [Latvia/Germany] vodka and cigarettes and pretention. yum.
Sleeper [Germany] apple streudel; tasty, fulfilling, on the healthy side of the spectrum, but you don't necessarily have a reason for eating it. it's good, though. (as an aside, points to me for placing the accent before it was mentioned in the screenplay, and even more points for understanding a surprising amount of the language.)
The Squid and the Whale [USA] rice and kidneys; good, brown, reminiscent of the mid-80s, exciting to have at dinnertime without being classy or overly thrilling. i've been tempted to try to make this for myself recently, to see if it's still tasty. in my memories, it is.
The District! [Hungary] skittles. pretty, tasty, yummy, can't have too much without getting a little sick of them, but give them a little while and you'll be happy to eat more.
The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes [UK/Germany/France] sparkling apple juice, blue cotton candy, and some tasty exotic slightly-sweet unknown food that keeps you nibbling at it out of curiousity.
Linda Linda Linda [Japan] bubblegum ice cream. possibly a popsicle of it shaped like an anime character.

Sept 30:
Dark Horse [Danish/Icelandic] a 3-course meal with a great salad, tasty fish and pasta main course, but Dad's chocolate chip cookies for dessert; somewhere along the way it veers off and doesn't end as the same dinner.
The Death of Mister Lazarescu [Romanian] pickled rat, BBQ dog, or something along those lines: horrific, but you can't help but try it, and ultimately are happy to have done so just for the experience.
Sorry for Kung Fu [Croatia] alright, i can't figure something out for this one yet.

Pre-Festival Viewings:
Skritek [Czech] a hazelnut Siesta bar - light, airy, tasty, not too much, but a little bit of substance because of the nuts. oh, and easy-to-open packaging.
Measures to Better the World [Germany] buffet from Bonanza - at least, my memory of it, when it existed: lots of stuff, some good, some not so good, not something to go to that often.
Crying Fist [South Korea] yakisoba from kishu island - good, flavour gets a bit much at times, way too much for one sitting