Thursday, September 15, 2005

rollerskatin' to buy groceries, rollerskatin' cross 12th ave, rollerskatin' with club soda, milk, and a honeydew melon, thank the lord for parked cars without car alarms when you need something to stop the forward momentum!

so last weekend was spent in seattle. just before leaving i realised that with the US dollar being a little weak, it would be the perfect time to buy my new camera. i didn't want to hold up the journey, though, but when i mentioned it to peter, all he said was "yes, buy the camera! you need it! caroliner! caroliner! caroliner!" and he chanted and raved away as i started having second thoughts about spending the weekend with him.

fortunately the camera was worth getting. and the pfestival was pfantastic. and the music was magnificent. and the weather was w.....good. and i learned what it's like being a vegan.....sorta. and the funhouse grew on me more and more. and there were vultures playing organs, and houses pushing buttons, and logs singing about their shadow, and people on rollerskates, and altered instruments, and tape recorders, and aubergines, and underwater meals, and birdcalls, and screams and yells and moans and beeps and whistles and rumbles. there were interviews, and indoor smoking, flying fish, suicide girl photoshoots, 80s pop, and much sarcasm. there was even a gir.

oh, and then there was caroliner.

more pictures from the shows are here.

sadly, we didn't get a shot of mr i-wanna-be-a-WA-statesman smoking a cigar next to granny waving an american flag at a busy intersection outside of seattle, as patriotic as can be. nor did we steal the campaign sign for port captain. but other than that, i can't complain about the weekend at all.

listen to signal to noise ratio, peter's show, sometime in the next few weeks, chances are you'll hear something of the past weekend then.

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