Saturday, September 17, 2005

for the first time ever, i tried to register for something, only to discover that "that username is taken".

this is horrible! for the first time since i began to use "whither" as my online name in when, 1996? 1995? it's been taken by someone else! now i'm not the only person out of millions who will be scrabbling for that name when i log in somewhere.

it was my first hotmail address. and one of the first BBS login names. i don't have any of the original accounts anymore, but every email address i got after then was "whither". jodi had recently introduced me to some BBS from north vancouver, and when i found a giant list of BBS phone numbers, it seemed like the phone-line world was my oyster. or something. i can't even remember the name of the one i frequented the most, though i think i still have a drawing and a photo from the people i met there. it was full of geeks who wanted to bring the Robert Jordan books to life. i was intrigued by one person's constant use of....of.......of elipses. his explanation was that he didn't like the finality that a period brought to a phrase, that he preferred for the thought to continue on. i jumped on his bandwagon for awhile, but now seeing dotdotdots between every few words gets annoying. though actually, if i do use them these days, it needs to be dot-space-dot-space-dot, just like in the peak. nicole trained me well!

at any rate. when i discovered lynx, and made my way to text-based hotmail, i needed a login name and my mind went blank. so i flipped through the dictionary and took the first word i saw -- almost. technically, what i saw was "wither". but that seemed so emo (even before i knew what that was . . . or did it even exist then?), and "whither" was a word that most people probably didn't know anyways, so whither it was. from then on, most every email, every scribble or blog, all were whither. the monty python reference with "whither, canada" was a fitting bonus. people thought it was neat. some people weren't so quick on the uptake and thought that it was so morbid and cool. (oh, emo!) it was never, ever taken by anyone else. whither was mine. whither was me. i loved it.

but now whither won't necessarily mean sarah anymore. oh, what a sad sad day. now i'm going to have to resort to more czech words, until they take over the english-speaking part of the internet as well.

you can send flowers, baked goods, and monetary offerings of pity and sorrow to my house. the wake will be announced later.

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