Sunday, August 28, 2005

zombiewalk pics are trickling through already! sadly, i'll have to wait until my film's developed to see if i have any good shots.

he was my favourite. by far. oh, and him, too.

terrifying children, confusing people in cars, attacking busses, herding through pacific centre (security locked the doors at a certain point, apparently), milling about the graveyard, grunting and growling on the skytrain, demanding brains, reaching out to people eating at cafes on main street, seeing falun dafa and MAWO rallies on the other side of the VAG as we lurched by with groans for "BRAAAAAAAAINNSSSSS!", beating on the glass at blockbuster and the foundation for brains, watching zombies paying nicely for tickets on the skytrain ("but fares are for children, and adults, and seniors, not the undead! urrgghh!"), summoning the rest of the crowd with groans alone, policeman telling zombies to not gnaw on the cop car over the PA, attacking trolleys and busses, eating baby brains (so tender), fixing makeup on the skytrain, eating GRAAAAAAAINSSSSS, dancing to boney m and rasputin, petting a cockatiel, simultaneous groans of BRAAAAAAAINSSSS on the skytrain, scaring off nicely-dressed japanese businessmen, cornering people between cars, finding out that being a zombie's actually incredibly tiring, losing my voice because i've been groaning and growling for braaaaaaainsssss for 4 hours, walking a little strangely after hours of lurching...

considering how many people pretended that nothing was out of the ordinary, however, the overall survival rate come apocalypse is going to be pretty small.

i've been getting practice, however. for braaaaaaaaaaaainnsssssss!!!!

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