Thursday, August 11, 2005

if you're going to try to argue against me, please argue against what i actually said, not what you assume my motivations are.

if the reasons i laid out were that i think that this is ultimately pointless and a waste of energy, then that's probably what i meant. it's not that i'm taking personal offense to something. just that i think that putting a bunch more words that don't amount to anything is a waste of time.

it's also not intended to start soap-box speeches and hour-long discussions of people repeating themselves over and over again.

but then again, for some reason a part of me figures that much more would get accomplished if everyone spoke a little less. not that i'm one to talk, it's true. but it pisses me off to have to hold my tongue because if i actually point out how useless something might be, it would be rude and/or continuing on with the jabber.

of course, if some people spoke less, they'd eavesdrop even more. so it's a no-win situation all around, isn't it.

so i'll think of a tear drop. that gets eaten by some fishes. who get eaten by some bigger fish, and swallowed by a whale.


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