Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i have a stalker right now.

someone keeps calling me. yesterday they called my cell 9 times -- starting at 7:09am and ending at 11:48pm. every time i was busy , though, so i didn't answer. i don't recognise the number, and diego and i looked up the number, but all we figured out is that it's a rogers cellular phone. they never leave any info in their voicemail messages. instead, they fill up the message time with random sounds. the first message sounded like they were on a boat, hearing waves knocking the sides. another message was some (presumably) unintentionally-recorded conversation between two guys. i don't know what it was about -- it wasn't in any language i know -- but they sounded pretty jovial. one message was waves of static -- getting louder and quieter and louder and quieter, rhythmically. the thing is, they don't just seem like the sort of recorded message you get when someone calls you by accident and records the sounds from their pocket for awhile. the quality's too good.

they've called twice this morning. and left messages. i haven't checked them yet. i don't know whether it's worth answering the next time they call and (probably) ending the slew of soundful messages or not. chances are they'll call again soon, though.

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