Monday, August 08, 2005

after hours of sitting at the computer, writing a new line for my final and then deleting it and starting over again, HOURS, i have come to the conclusion that a sore throat is really not conducive to the writing process.

at least if i was asleep, i wouldn't notice how much it hurts to swallow. or yawn. or cough. or live.

i now have the utmost respect for those horribly tragic writers on their deathbeds with consumption or the plague or whatever miserable way they were going to die. somehow, they still wrote.

6 hours left until i bring whatever i have to school. considering the leaps and bounds that happened in the last hour, this may be possible. but that's always the way: hours and hours and hours are spent wasted, but it gets done at the last minute.

which is why i'm now looking for new music, instead of writing.

damn you, beowulf!

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