Friday, July 15, 2005

update time. i've been away for awhile.

since the last real post:

the VAAGGG threw the best volunteer appreciation a-go-go ever. the longest haircut in the world began. i helped move everyone and their dog. i finally officially moved back to my house roughly two weeks ago. i moved into a room upstairs that's twice the size and haven't had the time to decorate it the way i want it, but at least it's on its way. i hated the world and wanted to kill everyone. almost. i realised my failures. and still wanted to kill. catherine proved that just because i don't live 5 minutes away from the Inkpen home doesn't mean that she won't randomly show up any given night and spend hours at my house.

that brings us up to last thursday.

since friday morning:

i found a project to take my mind off killing. i realised how much i miss my volleyball league. i also remembered how sporradic my abilities are in volleyball. but if winning isn't important, it doesn't matter. i discovered that planning is my sex. or something like it. i finally found my wireless internet adapter, which means that i can finally use the internet again at my house. which means i'm spending much more time online again, and can finally send the emails i need to send from home, instead of from work alone. which means that i can finally start updating again. which means that i get to be productive between the hours of midnight and 3 once again, which tends to work well for me. i realised i can be an eeyore, but that you know what? it's a good thing. i realised how creative three people can be, when necessary. i put together a plan for the SFSS AGM that may not be foolproof, because nothing is, but certainly seems to be pretty decent, if not brilliant. i learned how to put together plans and budgets. i found my sarcasm again. some won't think that's a good thing. i do. i haven't stopped planning since friday evening. i haven't been able to sleep in past 7:30 once. it was all i could do to not start official deal-making until i had the approval of my plan. i was offered a knee-surgery date for two mondays from now, but turned it down because i want to enjoy being active this summer. and i am finally beginning to see the tie-ins of everything i've been interested in since 2001. the longest haircut in the world continued.

and now we're at thursday, again.

since this morning:

i am truly impressed with our problem solving skills. and our marketing skills. and our people skills. and our productivity. i am jealous of all student union buildings. i know who i want to work with in the future. i don't know that it will happen. but i know i'd be a happy camper if it did. i want to wallpaper my bedroom with old comics. i won't do that. i got more of a tan. i think we got nearly everything we wanted. i still can't be thrilled, though, until it's on paper. although maybe, secretly, i already am. i haven't been grocery shopping since i moved back home and am craving a glass of milk. i still want to kill sometimes. but it's being tempered. frankly, if you know that you've pissed someone off, i think it's your responsibility to approach them, not to wait for them to approach you. but it's okay. we're awesome.

and now i get to make the Annual General Madness a reality. and i think we've solidified the final trick up our sleeves. and i need new music suggestions.

the sultan, the czarina, and el presidente. what better team could you have?

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