Monday, August 01, 2005

i have sparkles in my hair and would have bells jingling on my ankles if i hadn't just broken off the connector loop just now. i'm wearing a dress that doesn't quite fit properly, but i can't figure out exactly how it's off. but it is. it doesn't matter, it looks stunning nonetheless. or not so much stunning as splendid.

[eurocheck for the hell of it!
shoes: ed's
dress: prague
underwear: vancouver
bracelet: prague
necklace: going-to-prague gift from aerin
earrings: london
barrettes: oundle
so i'm over 50% eurotrash today. now we all know.]

i may be ever so slightly nervous at the moment. i may not be. i'm ready and waiting for the phone call to head off, and don't have anything i need to have prepared (other than myself -- check!). i'm a little hungry, but we'll be eating at the reception so i'm holding off. i just want something to do, but can't start anything because i could be called to leave any minute now. i don't think it's nervousness. it's that antsy feeling you (= i) get when i don't know what to do with myself. and it's only growing because i'm thinking about it at the moment.

the last time i wore this dress was when i went to an easter church service to cut an argument short. going to church seemed like a better way to spend my time.

oh, it's wedding time! whee . . .

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