Thursday, June 09, 2005

when it rains, it pours.

i've moved to coquitlam for a little while. long enough to do many many many loads of laundry, to get a bit of good sleep, to get over a fear of mold spores, to get to the dentist tomorrow morning, and to get a good meal or two. or half of one. MOUTH ACHES SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

unfortunately i'm going to have to find a new mattress. and wait until my room dries out from the water that's been seeping in from the floor. and then i can move back in.

in a roundabout way, though, it's good timing. and harvey's good enough to give me a week's grace, and let me miss a few classes in a row because of everything i'm dealing with. and i get to make use of my dad's friends' professions to make things better for our house. and i get excuses to stay over at friends' places, giving me reasons to visit people i haven't seen much of lately. and i get to use the shower of awesome at coquitlam!house. lovely.

today was forum. today was also VAAGGG planning party. one was oh so much fun. one reminded me of tago mago and coming up with inane plans for the hell of it. one of them reminded me why keeping hobbies separate from work is a good thing. one of them made me glad i'm a radio geek. one of them involved a great deal of mockery of hipsters, sullenness, politics, and geeks. one of them gave me a lot of ideas for summertime, and the confidence that they'll actually work out.

we decided that the VAAGGG after after party will be held at the VAG. VAAGGG at the VAG. don't you wish you were invited. well, one person reading this is. maybe two. you know who you are.


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