Tuesday, June 28, 2005

so itchy.

i feel so priviledged. i'm co-hosting with the sexiest voice on CJSF. he also may have the boringest blog in the world. he says. if it's true i owe him a hot chocolate with soy milk. i'm trying to decide if the mosiac-style pictures of the brain and the heart make it interesting or not.

he talks to himself a lot.

but then all the VAAGGG-ers are weird.

we did good. we threw the best volunteer party ever. there were bands. and baseball. and burgers. and (triple)B's. and beers. and beautiful people. and bizarre people. and brits. and (Ham)burgers. like, people from the place, not the food.

peter won lots of lube. i won CBC swag for being a free thinker. jo got lots of tea for being a keener. ed got green stuff for his umms and uhhs. sean won free music for being a PR hack. lots of other people won lots of other prizes. i was just happy we had so many cool ones (and still do have them . . . all ready for next year!).

dj buttertart showed off his John Casablanca skills on saturday afternoon at the park. it was part of the entertainment for everyone sitting on the stairs. or something. here were gerbil-sized hairballs blowing in the street the next morning. he just snipped some more hair. it might be done. it might not be. i don't think it is yet. we might have to start dying it later this week. so far it's taken 3 days.

and then we discovered the waterfalls in diego's room.

the house is becoming more and more of an issue. which is tragic, because i do love it: the location, the collective, the setup, the empty street, everything. except the water leakage. and the mold. and the lack of permit. and so on. but it is cheap rent. oh, dilemma . . .

peter's talking to himself right now again. he amuses himself so.


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