Friday, June 03, 2005

last night titus gregory and i screamed together in the middle of the granville street bridge. it's true, there's very little better than a good, long, loud scream.

last night i learned the difference between acting under my best beliefs and acting as a representative of others' opinions . . . when they're not your own.

last night i hung out in the street outside my house for awhile. it was grand.

it's remarkable what a difference having a street that you can actually play in can make. the street i live on now is usually pretty busy. but as of last sunday, it's closed to traffic until the end of summer for construction. on sunday i danced around in the mud awhile, and DJ Buttertart, dave, and i played football (fine, soccer) in the middle of the street and met more of my neighbours than i have in the entire time i've lived here. some of them even played with us. i've walked home in the middle of the street every night since then. so it's a little trickier to drive home (not really), and so there's construction sounds during the day, but really, they're not that annoying. and it's awesome to have such a quiet, play-friendly neighbourhood when it gets dark.

i have been far to excited about this all week. i'm not going to get over the joy of 12th ave being closed to traffic for a good long time. so come over one night and play ball with me. or the guy down the street's set up a street hockey net and is leaving sticks outside his house for anyone to use. or maybe we'll just play in the mud or sit in the concrete pipes awhile. construction sites make the best playgrounds.

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